Mac Pro (2019) SSD Adapter V2 Installation Guide

How to install one or two 2.5” drives in your Mac Pro (2019).

If you don’t already have a kit, they are available here

Instructions for the previous model


Included in the kit:

Not included:

  • 1 or 2 2.5” drives — SSDs recommended
  • Screwdriver — Torx T8H
  • Hex driver — 2.5mm
  • 1 or 2 SATA data cable(s) — (25cm long with straight connectors)

Step 1 — Prepare the drives

Attach the bracket to your SSD(s) with two screws per drive. If you’re installing a single drive, you can use the orientation you prefer.

In parallel orientation, the screws go in from the back.

Step 2 — Wiring 1/2

Connect power and data cables to the mainboard. The mainboard connectors are located here:

Step 3 — Prepare the Mac

Open your Mac Pro following Apple’s instructions

Using a torx T8H driver, remove the small aluminium bracket from the Mac’s frame. You’ll use the bracket and screws in the next step, so keep them handy.

Step 4 — Sandwich time

Sandwich the adapter into the slot using the original bracket — being careful not to overtighten them. Torx screws can handle a lot more torque than the aluminium frame can, so be gentle… The screws should be snug.

Step 5 — Wiring 2/2

Connect the power and data cables to your drives. They should click in relatively easily and they only go in the correct way. Either drive can connect to either data port and either power connector. I connect mine as in the photo for neatness.


Carefully close your Mac and reconnect everything.

Congratulations, you now have affordable and expandable storage!