Mac Pro (2019) SSD Bracket

Hi there! This carbon fibre adapter allows you to securely mount one or two 2.5" drives in your Mac Pro (2019). Installation is very simple and a detailed Installation Guide is available here.

Each adapter kit includes:

  • CNC-machined, 2mm-thick carbon fibre drive bracket
  • 4× m3 hex-head drive mounting screws


You will also need to buy:

  • One or two 2.5" SATA SSDs - any drive should work; I like Samsung.
  • One or two straight, 25cm (10") SATA data cables
  • A Mac Pro 2019 SATA power cable, for example this or this

I couldn't find a bracket that I liked, so I designed one. The options on the market seemend overcomplicated and overpriced. This very simple design relies on the rigidity of carbon fibre, which has the bonus of looking great!

To keep costs and environmental impact low, I sell just the bracket and the screws. The necessary cables and drives are available from other suppliers, so I don't see a need to produce those as well. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution, you might prefer the Sonnet or Promise alternatives. I don't!

These brackets are manufactured for me by Armattan Productions, who also make some of the world's best acrobatic and racing drone frames. The carbon is tough!