Mac Pro (2019) SSD Bracket

This carbon fibre adapter allows you to securely mount one or two 2.5" drives in your Mac Pro (2019). Installation is very simple and a detailed Installation Guide is available here.

Each adapter kit includes:

  • CNC-machined, 2mm-thick carbon fibre drive bracket
  • 4× m3 hex-head drive mounting screws
  • Dual-drive SATA power cable

Oh boy

We're in the middle of moving house, so orders will be probably delayed by a few days because of, ah, technical issues (I can't remember which box the cables are in).

Thank you for your patience!
Back on deck ASAP!

🇬🇧 Attention UK buyers

Due to recent customs changes, you'll need to email me your VAT registration number before I can ship to a UK address.

Unfortunately this means I can only sell to UK-based businesses, not to UK-based humans. Sigh.