A simple adapter to mount one or two 2.5” SSDs in a Mac Pro (2019)

The Mac Pro (2019) is a beautiful thing, with upgradeability not seen in a Mac since 2012. Sadly the factory-supplied SSD cannot easily be upgraded. Fortunately, the motherboard includes two SATA ports and a power connector for use with standard SATA drives.

This carbon fibre adapter allows you to securely mount one or two 2.5” drives in your Mac Pro (2019). Installation is very simple (only two screws) and a detailed Installation Guide is available if you don’t want to guess how it goes in.

Adapter kit includes:

  • Main bracket in 2mm carbon fibre
  • 4× secondary drive brackets in 2mm carbon fibre
  • 10× m3 hex-head screws
Mac Pro (2019) Drive Adapter

Required for installation (not included):

  • SATA cables (standard - short, straight recommended)
  • T8H torx driver
  • 2mm hex driver

SSDs are strongly recommended because this adaptor provides no vibration isolation at all, but this adapter is capable of mounting a single 3.5” drive, although, for drive longevity, spinning disks are not recommended.

These brackets are manufactured to order. Delivery can take up to a month because of lead times (and the sad reality of shipping during a global pandemic 🤷🏼‍♂️).